AppSense Configuration deployed with SCCM not detected by AppSense Management Console

For day to day management our AppSense clients are managed through the AppSense Management Console. Configuration changes are pushed to the clients using this method.

To perform the upgrade to the latest agents version (CCA 8.7SP1, EM 8.6 SP1,AM 8.9 SP1) we decided to use SCCM 2012. Using the SCCM Distribution Points the bandwidth consumed is reduced between the main and branch offices.

The agent deployment works fine but there is a strange behavior with the configuration deployment. The agent installation is detected by the AppSense management console but the configuration is not. In the management console the configuration is showing as “Pending Install”, on the client the configuration is installed. If a new configuration is deployed with the management console, the configuration is placed beside the configuration installed by SCCM. The client then has two configurations installed.


Solution: import the msi configuration used in SCCM into the AppSense Management Console using the “add package” functionality. The configuration will be available in the Packages and can be linked to the required Deployment Groups.

In this scenario we only used SCCM for the initial configuration deployment. Configuration updates are deployed using the Management Console. These updates are running fine, only one configuration is installed on the stations.

If configuration updates will be installed using SCCM, the system will install the update as a new package and previous installed packages will NOT be uninstalled from the client.

Remark, the AppSense configuration is not uploaded to SCCM using the integration in the AppSense Management console. The configuration is placed in SCCM using an msi-file.

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