Citrix XenApp 7.6 Published Applications – Sync Admin Folder with Client Folder

Since XenApp 7.6 Citrix introduced the possibility to have a folder structure in Citrix Studio for creating some structure in your massive amount of published applications.


However this is used for administration purposes and is not visible as a folder structure in Storefront for the users.

If you would disable User Subscriptions to have all published applications visible in Storefront you would have a view like this by default:


In this view, it is possible to add categories to an application in order to create folders instead of a giant list of all your applications.


Here you have the possibility to add something like DEV or DEV\Microsoft Office.

The following powershell code will copy the folder structure of you Studio console into those Application categories automatic, having a graphical overview in Citrix Studio that will match the view in Storefront. Offcourse you would need to run this code everytime after you added a new application.

Get-BrokerApplication -AdminAddress “<controller address>”| ForEach {Set-BrokerApplication $_ -ClientFolder $_.AdminFolderName }

Example after running the code:


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