Computing everywhere: Any device, anywhere, anytime, but is it safe?

With Computing Everywhere soon to be the new normal, one can’t help but wonder if IT Security is advanced enough to keep up.

We want internet and we want it everywhere. We even have internet on our watch and on our thermostat. We constantly create new features, but do we ever think about the risks? Can you call your application ‘safe’?

While creating new features, developers take many things into account (like user friendliness), but strangely security is rarely one of them. But the market is changing and the need for more application security is becoming more and more apparent.

Could the Cloud be the solution to mobile working?

A lot of companies have been working with ‘cloud infrastructure’. There are various cloud providers such as vCloud air and Amazon Web Services. Security is of course an undeniable aspect of this system.

Since people can access data ‘on any device, anywhere and anytime’ without going through a secure network, companies have to be sure that only the right people can take a peek into their network so that there is never a cloud of suspicion. Different Identity and Access Management (IAM) players like Okta have put themselves in the spotlight during the past few years. Their mission is to ensure that only authorized persons can reach your cloud applications.

Prefer a secure private cloud?

Go for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)! That gives users with a company managed or unmanaged device access to all the data they need, regardless of the operating system they use. By using this infrastructure, there is no additional load on the internal IT department.

Raido, a SecureLink Group company, is a specialist in Virtualization, is able to help in finding your way in the Virtual jungle.

Pros and Cons of cloud solutions

Putting a cloud application into production is a piece of cake. It only takes five minutes. But have you thought about all the security challenges that go with it? Which colleague should have access to which cloud application? The so-called ‘Shadow IT problems’ can creep up on you. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) suchElastica (Blue Coat) shine their light on these problems.

Curious about the latest trends in computing everywhere in terms of IT security?

Identity and Access management as well as Cloud Access Security Brokers are rising stars in the application development world, along with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Internet of things (IoT) will expand even more and its security will be a huge challenge. Because there is less and less physical separation, it is easier for outsiders to sneak into your data streams, intercept them and cause all kinds of mischief.

Cyber Security: from IT Manager to CEO

Organizations are becoming more aware of the risks, the responsibilities, the impact of the new European privacy legislation, possible damage claims, the feasibility of the struggle, etc.

CEOs and CFOs are assessing the cyber risks, making cyber security a boardroom topic. Consequently they feel the need to partner with an expert like SecureLink.

As you can see, it is crucial to invest in the security of your IT infrastructure, especially now because it is a part of our lives, always and everywhere.

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