Darkode copycat malware marketplace breached

A newly launched hacking forum and malware marketplace has been hacked. The eponymous copycat version of Darkode was attacked by hackers shortly after it went live at the end of 2016. Hackers managed to steal user account information including user names, hashed passwords, email, and IP addresses.

“Dear fake darkode wannabes, you’re [sic] forum has been owned, and your admins have terrible opsec,” read one of the messages left by the hackers on the compromised forum. One of the forum’s admins claims that the hackers were able to compromise the site because he reused a password from another site that had been hacked.

The original Darkode marketplace was shut down in 2015 in a joint effort by the FBI, the UK’s National Crime Agency, Europol, and a host of other international law enforcement agencies.

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