Get the big picture of the 2019 cyber security landscape!

Information overflow is one of the key problems in the digital age.
So why publish another report? Why read it?
What do you get out of it?

The short answer: this is information you need.

Cyber security is crucial to you, because your business depends upon it. The facts you can find in this report cannot be found anywhere else: we analyzed more than 260.000 of incidents in our Cyber Defense Centers all over Europe, checked the backgrounds, ran it past experts to help you prepare for what will happen next.

Also in the report:
Pentesting stories, CSIRT adventures, security predictions, 2019 timeline & more!

The Annual Security Report will be published on December 9th!

Preordering has expired. But do not worry: you will get the chance to download the ASR 2019 starting Monday morning at 8:00!

The Annual Security Report 2019 will be available in: