End User Security Awareness Training

Increase End User IT Security Awareness and improve the security behaviour of your employees in a continuous process. 

You can spend a fortune on your security infrastructure, but as soon as an employee clicks on the wrong link, all damage is done. A simple email can cause a million dollar breach in just the blink of an eye. It’s very important to balance people, process and technology aspects.

Your unaware end-users are the most vulnerable (human) endpoints in your organization. Malicious actors know this. They will use techniques such as social engineering to gain access to information, systems, data and buildings.

The most common forms of social engineering are:

  • Phishing

  • Trojan Horses

  • Mystery guest

  • Role playing

  • Media dropping

  • Reverse social engineering

  • Shoulder surfing

  • Dumpster diving

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Know your employees

In order to mitigate your risks, you must raise user awareness and realize safe behavior amongst your employees. This is a continuous process. To establish this safe behavior on the long term, you need to focus on the following:

  • Motivation: make sure your end users understand the security risks, also in their private lives
  • Capacity: offer regular training using real and recognizable situations

To reduce your risks and to optimize success, it is of extreme importance to establish a behavioural change amongst all your employees, also those who don’t work on an endpoint on a daily basis.

End User Security Awareness Training

We offer an Interactive End User Security Training which focuses on insight, awareness, training and the behavior of employees in the field of cybersecurity.

This training is accommplished through modules and games which can include simulated attacks, knowledge assessments, mystery visits, USB phishing, awareness materials, voice phishing, workshops and more. You can customize your own End User Security Awareness Training based on your organization-specific needs. To be able to measure behavior change, we advise you to take the continuous learning cycle into account. This learning cycle is based on four pillars: assess, educate, reinforce and measure.

Assess your risk through customizable knowledge assessments, simulated phishing, USB attacks and more. The results will pinpoint your areas of vulnerability, motivate your end users to take training and estalish baselines to measure against

The End User Security Awareness Training modules are very short (5-15 min), interactive training modules. There is no use of jargon and it is written on a high-school level. It is available in more than 30 languages. They are also available on mobile so end users can take them anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Create a culture of security awareness by using positive reinforcement techniques. The training program will make the most of the awareness and training efforts by continuing and emphasizing best practices and encouriging good behaviors which will reduce the attack vulnerability.

You can actively monitor the progress and results of the program. This allows you to easily show results and the value of the End User Security Awareness Training.

Our offering

  • Simulated attacks

  • Knowledge assessments

  • Mystery visits

  • Phone Phishing, email-phishing, CEO phishing, USB phishing, spear-phishing,..

  • On premise user awareness sessions

  • Online user awareness training tracks

  • Insider threat programs

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