SecureLink Best Practices Expert Advice

At SecureLink, we add an extra layer of expert advice to the results of the Palo Alto Networks BPA tool in a detailed report.

This report includes:

  • An Executive Summary,

  • Prioritized Recommendations customized to your environment

These recommendations are based on a set of configuration best practices developed by SecureLink called ‘The SecureLink Project Approach’. This approach helps you to bring your firewall to a maximized level of security.

Some Best Practice examples are:

  • Convert the Layer 4 Security rule base to an application Security rule base;
  • Enhance Threat Protection Profiles;

  • Apply URL-Filtering Best Practices;
  • Enhance SSL Decryption Visibility;
  • Apply Threat Intelligence in Security Policies;
  • Integrate with other security components.

When the necessary prioritized actions are taken, the results can improve a lot:

Overall Adoption: The adoption ratio of security capabilities like Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, WildFire of your firewall

Industry Average: The industry average in your sector worldwide.

Best Practice Mode: The compliance of your firewall configuration with Best Practices

The level of compliance with CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Is your firewall configured according to current security best practices?

Palo Alto Networks developed a Best Practice Assessment tool to verify this.

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Your Next-Generation firewall as Zero-Trust framework enabler?

How do you transfer your security policies to the cloud? Do you have a ‘single pane of glass’ for your entire perimeter?

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Does your firewall already have an extension to the cloud?

Palo Alto Networks developed a Best Practice Assessment tool to verify this.

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Is your firewall Artificially Intelligent?

Can you automatically detect whether your users or IoT devices have strange behavior? Do you know when your network undergoes a cyberattack?

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Are all security functionalities active on your firewall?

Have you activated all software licenses?

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Does your firewall support PAN-OS9.0 or higher?

Do you know the latest features for your Palo Alto Networks firewall? Can your Palo Alto Networks firewall support the latest PAN-OS version?

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What information does your firewall have for your CISO?

Which questions from your CISO can you easily answer?

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