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What is your organization’s current security maturity level?

The SecureInsight Security Maturity Assessment is developed to help you assess your organization’s security maturity level in three areas: people, process and technology.

The level that is assigned to these three areas is based on interview-based workshops:

  • People: questionnaire based on 15 years of experience of mutual work with numerous clients with long-established security operations centers and security teams,
  • Process: questionnaire based on the foundations of ISO 27001,
  • Technology: technical controls are based on the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls,

Furthermore, in the Security Maturity Assessment, we also include the current legislations such as GDPR and other industry recommendations such as Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS and NIST.

You will get an executive report and summary of your results. You will have insights into your gaps, weaknesses and risks. Furthermore, you will get recommendations for improvement in a clear action plan which will enable you to prioritize improvements to your security strategy so you can maximize the outcome of your investments into cyber security.

“The Security Maturity Assessment has helped us understand which improvements to our cyber security operations should be prioritised and why. With this, we were able to create an actionable strategy for the coming years.”

Giles Antonio Radford, Director Organisation
Transcome Grupo Empresarial

What is the added value of the Security Maturity Assessment (SMA)?

When the Security Maturity Assessment is completed, you will get:

  • A clear score of your current Security Maturity Level compared to that of your competitors
  • Visibility into your biggest areas of risks
  • A set of actionable recommendations and clear priorities to optimize your security investments across people, process and technology

Security Maturity Assessment | Optional:

  • An executive summary and report for your leadership team that enables them to make better project and investment decisions
  • Ongoing access to the SecureLink online assessment portal, allowing you to continually improve your security maturity score over time. You will get real-time updates on areas that require attention from you and your team
  • Collaborate with our team of cyber security experts and leverage their capabilities and industry expertise to help further enhance your cyber defenses.

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SecureLink performed a research into the strengths and challenges of Europe’s leading cybersecurity teams.
Understand how the priorities of your peers are shifting along with the changing threat landscape.

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