Gothenburg Spring Security Conference

We invite you to join us at SecureLink for an afternoon of short, informative meetings with a focus on how to safely enable your business. We will focus on Cloud Security, IT Operation and EndPoint protection. Additionally, we will take a look at what threats our Cyber Defense Center tackled in 2018, assess where you are on your IT-Security journey and see what tools you should be using 2019.

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10.15 – Registration
10.30 – SecureLink Annual Security Report
11.10 – IT Operations & Analytics
12.00 – Lunch
13.00 – Endpoint
13.45 – Assessments
14.30 – Cloud
15.00 – Conclusion


SecureLink Annual Security Report
We analyzed over 250,000 security events in 2018. These events were triggered from various security solutions and logs, and then processed and digested by our detection and response platforms. In this breakout session you will learn more, understand the background of our analysis and let you in on what we found.

IT Operations and Analytics
Data is everything, technology makes your business stronger.  ITOA solutions work to align IT operations to strategic goals, helping customers run a more efficient and cost effective business. In this breakout session we will give you examples, and show you how you can predict, evaluate the impact and find valuble answers within your data.

One of the new perimeters protecting data. In this breakout we will present the SecureLink approved EP security solution, which includes protect, detect and respond capabilities. In this breakout session we tell you why signature based protection is broken, why your business deserves a modern solution and how our technology works and supports the business.

The meaning of Cloud Security is somewhat… foggy. There is a lot of confusion about the definition of Cloud Security. It seems everyone in the industry has created their own interpretation. But, most of the time it comes down to Software as a Service solutions, Virtual form Factor and Integrated solutions within cloud environments. In reality, very few companies either want to move or have moved 100% to the cloud. Today, a hybrid solution, where some parts are on premise and others are in the cloud, is most common. We present our view of safely enabling business in a hybrid and mobile environment.

Where do we start? Often, organisations rely on an ad hoc approach to security. This approach is likely to lead to insufficient security at a high cost. In this breakout session we will present how we can help you understand where you are today, and how you can build an effective, long-term cyber security strategy for the future.

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