Splunk Discovery Event – Norway

We are all about turning machine data into actionable insights for improved business performance. And we’re coming to your city! 

Machine data is one of the most underused and undervalued assets of any organization. Hidden in this data are valuable insights and answers to key problems facing your organization across both IT and the business – you just need to know how to make sense of it.

The challenge with leveraging machine data is that it comes in a dizzying array of unpredictable formats and traditional monitoring and analysis tools are not designed to handle the variety, velocity, volume or variability of this data – that’s where Splunk comes in. Join us at Splunk Discovery to find out how you can reduce system downtime, optimize customer experience, be more secure, prevent fraud, optimize applications, enhance IT operations and much more with Splunk. In short we will give you an overview of the Splunk platform, followed by a focused session on IT Operations and Security. And yes, of course demonstrations are on the agenda!

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to gain an introductory overview and understand the power of Splunk.

Join us! You’ll be amazed at what you discover. 

Agenda topics:

  • Presentation and demo: What is the buzz around Splunk about? Why can Splunk solve almost any use-case from IoT, Business Analytics and AI.Ops with a single platform?
  • Erik Larsen, Vipps and Anne Beate Arneberg, Sens Consulting Quick and clear wins at Vipps with ITSI
  • Presentation and demo: True AI-Ops: Detect and react after incidents has happened is old. Splunk use advanced machine learning and AI-Ops and can discover it-ops incidents 20-30 minutes BEFORE they happened! Why be reactive when you can be proactive and mitigate your it-ops incidents before they happen?
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