Palo Alto Networks invests in SASE | Ignite ’19

Together with 20 SecureLink’ers, we went to Palo Alto Network’s Ignite’19 in Barcelona. One of the first insights we gained was that the predictions of Gartner were true: Palo Alto Networks will indeed invest fully in SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). It is about building end-to-end networks and network security, offered as a cloud service.

In addition, Palo Alto Networks announced the expansion of its Prisma and Cortex offering. I made a summary of the insights I gained regarding these two solutions.

Prisma Access

It’s all about mobility and moving to the cloud these days. Users are everywhere. They work from home, on the train, via their smartphones, etc. To improve the end-user experience in this area, Palo Alto Networks extended its existing Prisma Access concept with the completion of its SD-WAN (Software-Defined – Wide Area Network) functionality.

Palo Alto Networks cloud was expanded to 76 countries with more than a hundred locations. Users can thus connect locally to their corporate network regardless of their location. This ‘first mile’ is now fully secured. Palo Alto has thus created a secure worldwide cloud network where users do no longer need to make a connection to their headquarters or country hub. The only thing they need to do is log in to the Palo Alto cloud.

This enables the users’ safe access to their corporate data and mail system. SLAs regarding the Palo Alto Cloud are provided to make sure the user does not notice any loss of performance while using these SAAS-based work tools (SalesForce, Office 365).

Within Prisma Access, there is also an emphasis on DLP (Data Loss Prevention). Machine Learning plays an important role in predicting whether data is likely to be lost.


With XDR 2.0, Palo Alto Networks wants to take the next step in detection and response capabilities. The aim is to perform analysis on logs from different sources themselves. Big names such as CheckPoint, Cisco and Fortinet came up during the conference. Palo Alto Networks is ready to compete with its competitors!

As you notice, Palo Alto Networks is definitely on its way to achieving greater automation through machine learning and is building a cloud-based end-to-end security network where the end-user can safely access its most important work tools and data.

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