Cylance is a revolutionary next generation end-point protection solution that is based on machine learning to detect malware. This solution can cope with current threats such as CryptoLocker and other ransomware. Cylance uses a cloud-based management platform together with a very lightweight agent that can be installed on Windows or Mac computers as well as on servers. Due to the cloud based management system it is very easy to deploy and maintain.

Cylance provides a better anti-virus protection than traditional solutions because it does not rely on humans to detect malware and adapt signatures. It uses a machine learning mechanism that is comparable to DNA analyses. By detecting thousands of file characteristics, Cylance has the ability to detect modified malware as well. Through advanced mathematics, Cylance predicts if a file contains malware (or not). Independent tests show that Cylance has a higher ability to detect malware than other traditional approaches.

SecureLink has 4 Cylance Masters among its cybersecurity experts

Cylance recently launched its Masters Club in EMEA. In total, SecureLink has four Masters, the highest number of all the Cylance partners in EMEA. A recognition of the technical excellence of these engineers and consultants.

A nomination for Cylance Masters is based on the exceptional work that has been shown so far. At this stage there are fewer than 20 people in the region who will receive this extra focus from Cylance to further improve their skills and knowledge in the area of cyber security.

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