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Extreme is a recognized innovator in leading business communications for the digital age.

Avaya delivers:

  • smart global solutions and technologies for customer and team engagement;
  • unified communications and collaboration;
  • contact center;
  • customer experience management and

Avaya proposes a complete networking portfolio including Data Center, Campus and Branch; wired and wireless. Avaya also drives Ethernet standards, namely Shortest Path Bridging; L3 extensions for Shortest Path Bridging, IEEE Auto Attach and more.

Do you want to implement integrated next-generation solutions?

The Avaya Fabric Networking architecture provides the framework for businesses to implement integrated next-generation solutions from a variety of complementary components. Avaya Fabric Networking is leading the industry with solutions for mobility and BYOD, Edge-only and zero-touch configuration, and application optimization.

That brings the following main reasons to consider a holistic approach:

  • greater productivity through one operation model from core to edge and dynamic connectivity of users to applications;
  • internet of Things enabler by automating secure connectivity;
  • quality of experience through an end to end contiguous service layer;
  • security & Compliance by extending micro-segmentation from VM to the user/machine in the edge (only vendor with end to end SDN) and supporting stealth networks;
  • PIM-free Multicast allowing to deploy multicast dependent applications (video surveillance, IPTV, desktop imaging) with greater simplicity.

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