Proofpoint enables businesses to safely use their (cloud-based) email solutions on any (mobile) device.

Large parts of business applications are moving to the Cloud. The same applies to threats. Security measures on the traditional perimeters and endpoints are not sufficient. Malware and other threats can affect your organization through social media, emails, mobile devices and more.

That is why you need to protect your business against incoming attacks and prevent sensitive information from being leaked.

Proofpoint delivers an innovative (cloud or on-premise) platform which provides full visibility into all email communications with extensive reporting and search capabilities.

Why Proofpoint?

Proofpoint is the true market leader with continued investments in innovative features. They have a sharp focus on email security and security analytics. The Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) service with advanced threat defence capabilities can be directly integrated with Palo Alto Wildfire for an additional level of protection on the e-mail channel.

Proofpoint Portfolio

We offer:

Protection against Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) or CEO fraud is done through emails that are sent from your ‘so-called’ manager to ask you to transfer money or sensitive content for example. But, in reality, these emails are not made by your manager, but by hackers who want to benefit from this information. This kind of attacks is also called phishing.  To prevent these emails from achieving their purpose, Proofpoint has several techniques to analyze the sender-recipient relation, the domain reputation, email headers and attachments and email content.

But, it is of course very important that your end users are alert too. In many cases, they are the weakest link. To tackle this problem, Proofpoint recently acquired Wombat Security. This is a company specialized in End User Security Awareness Training.

Learn more about our End User Security Awareness Trainings

Granular filtering and control

Proofpoint’s MLX policy engine is an advanced filtering technique based on AI. It enables you to set specific rules to control the incoming and outgoing email, on organizational, group and individual level.


Spoofing, where email users are tricked into downloading malware, is a great risk for many companies.  Proofpoint’s email security solution protects you against this threat. It contains email protection, targeted attack protection, and information protection.

Email protection

Proofpoint’s email module blocks bulk spam, protects against viruses and can classify emails and put them in specific quarantine folders. The users can have access to the quarantine folders so they can decide which emails are relevant to them.

Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)

The Targeted Attack Protection module scans attachments and website links with their Attachment Defense Module. It is a Cloud-based sandboxing environment that looks for anomalies. When a website contains malicious content, for example, the access to this website is blocked. All Targeted Attack Protection Information is gathered in a clear dashboard.

Information Protection

Thanks to the email encryption and DLP module of Proofpoint, it is possible to automatically encrypt outgoing messages or to block them based on their content.

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