Operational Intelligence

Splunk, the platform for operational intelligence, has the solution to your big data problem. All devices in your IT infrastructure continuously generate large amounts of valuable data. This data includes transactions, activities, user behavior and security-related issues.

However, the efficient use of this information is difficult in practice. The data that is generated from, for example, applications, servers and network devices is distributed throughout the organization in different formats and sequences.

Consequence: searching and interpreting data takes a lot of time, which means that many organizations do little to nothing with all available information.

Big data and Log management

Splunk Enterprise offers valuable insights by indexing, monitoring and analyzing all possible data within your organization. This allows you to search real-time in all available data, to analyze events and to correlate them with each other. The web-style interface also generates reports, overviews, recommendations and warnings. With Splunk, you use the information that was already available in your organization in a smart and handy way. No event remains hidden.

Renewed portfolio

Learn everything about Splunk, the central data platform for analysis. In this video, Jeroen Storm explains that Splunk is mainly used to bring out “the unknown” –  deviations in behavior and systems. The renewed Splunk portfolio is also covered.

Splunk is available as a free download. Try the tool on your laptop or try the online sandbox environment and experience the ease of use yourself. The complete version is called Splunk Enterprise and collects all data from your organization, regardless of whether it comes from physical, virtual or cloud systems. Splunk also has the App for Enterprise Security, specifically for identifying security threats and risk analysis.

Click on the button below to download the free trial version and try out all security tools and functions for 60 days. Start investigating security incidents today and acquire new business insights.



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