Trend Micro

Trend Micro provides internet content security software and cloud computing security. They focus on virtualization, endpoint protection, data security and web threats. Nowadays, it is extremely important to protect corporate data. After all, users have access everywhere and anytime: at the workplace, at home, on the road…

At SecureLink, we help our customers to protect themselves against threats on user endpoints and in the data center by using Trend Micro solutions.

User Protection

Trend Micro’s high-performance endpoint security suite secures your virtual and your physical desktops against the current dynamic threat landscape. To do that, they use a wide range of anti-malware techniques that stop ransomware and other attacks. Multiple layers of threat and data security protect your workers and your business information on all devices and applications.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Currently, there are dangerous new threats such as ransomware which cause major business interruptions. Trend Micro’s Hybrid Cloud Security Solution protects your applications against those threats and it helps you to accelerate regulatory compliance. Trend Micro offers you the necessary advanced server security for your hybrid, virtual, physical and cloud environments.

Network Defense

You can quickly detect, analyze and react to targeted network attacks thanks to custom sandbox analysis. You will be able to stop targeted email attacks and track advanced ransomware and malware before any damage is done. Real-time threats will be detected and identified by Trend Micro Deep Discovery. Afterwards, it will provide an in-depth analysis and actionable intelligence.

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