The data security solution that classifies, protects and controls your unstructured data.

Varonis is a data security platform that identifies cyber threats both inside and outside your organization. It helps you gain insights into unstructured data (on

the file server or in the cloud). It will tell you where your data resides, who has access to it and what your employees are doing with the data.

Thanks to the user behavior analytics module, Varonis can spot deviant end-user behavior and generates alerts when needed.

Why Varonis?

Varonis gives you insight into your sensitive data and privacy related data. It will give you an overview of what authorizations your employees have and which ones are actually used. Furthermore, it tells you which actions are performed with your data and by whom.

The technology will detect vulnerabilities and reduce the impact of a possible incident. It will give you clear guidelines regarding authorizations and which ones you should reduce. Furthermore, Varonis helps you comply with the GDPR and ISO27002.

Varonis Portfolio

DatAdvantage | Data discovery & data governance

  • Maps who can access data across file and email systems
  • Maps who does access data
  • Shows when users have too much access & safely automates changes
  • Intuitive dashboard that shows risks and progress
  • Easy platform to manage user groups and data access

Data Classification Engine | Discovers data at risk

  • Discovers sensitive data
  • Monitors sensitive data
  • Displays who accesses & uses the content
  • Quick remediation on sensitive data
  • Alerts on deviations & locks it down without interrupting business
  • True incremental file classification
  • Advanced threat detection

DatAlert | Stops threats before they become breaches

  • User & Behavior Analytics (UBA)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Data Classification Framework module – structures unstructured data


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