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The SecureLink Malware Course targets IT professionals, security analysts or personnel working in a SOC/Cyber Defense Center that want to enhance their skills within malware analysis and reverse engineering.

We do not aim to compete with existing established programs, instead we want to provide you with a path to start your journey mastering the arts of malware analysis. To that end, we make sure that you acquire the essential knowledge, tools and utilities that our own analysts use.

At the end of the course you will participate in a challenge-based tournament where your skills will be put to a test. If you have an interest or a position where you fight malicious code, this course is for you!


You should have encountered a phishing email or two, and have some experience with antivirus or other ways of combating malicious software. A good understanding of Windows and Linux environments will greatly enhance your experience as there will be some operating system forensics involved.

The breakdown of the three days:

Day 1

  • Operating system concepts
  • Client forensics
  • Sandbox technologies
  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Malware concepts
  • Categorization of malware
  • Writing a malware analysis report

Day 2

  • Malware internals
  • The PE file format
  • Compiling a file
  • Windows drivers
  • Introduction to x86 assembler
  • Reverse engineering and debugging
  • Packing and crypting
  • Decompiling

Day 3

  • Office Documents
  • PDF Documents
  • Web based attacks
  • Cyber Defense Center Malware Tournament

Questions & Registration

For questions, contact David Olander, david.olander@securelink.net

To register, contact your local account manager or sales manager