Proofpoint og Exclusive Networks inviterer dig til et interaktivt seminar

Er du en finansiel organisation? Så er dette gratis seminar nemlig lige noget for dig.

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12.30 – 13.00 Lunch & Welcome
Introduction and intro to customer challenges around the table

13.00 – 13.20 Proofpoint People-Centric Approach
You’ve done the hard work of identifying and protecting your company’s ‘crown jewels’ and implementing security controls to prevent external threat actors from breaching your network. But as we’ve seen time and again, the most damaging security incidents are those that involve your people–users falling victim to targeted email attacks. During this presentation, we will provide insight, into how you can identify your most attacked and riskiest users and design better strategies and protections to stop these attacks before they reach the user.

Speaker: Fredrik Möller
Fredrik Möller is the Regional Director for the Nordics & Baltics at Proofpoint. Experienced leader with over 15 years from the Cyber Security space, previous regional leader at McAfee and Infoblox and served board member for Security consultant firms.

13.20 – 14.20 CCCP – Cloud, Compliance, Credentials, Protection.
How to control them all in the new world we are moving towards.
New ways of collaboration and new compliance regulations puts our security countermeasures to new tests. How do we catch up and how would this be addressed by a people-centric approach?

Speaker: Harry Bannister
Harry Bannister (CISSP, CCSP) brings several years of experience from the information security industry, previous served as Professional Service Manager for EMEA at one of the world’s largest Data Loss Prevention providers. He has personally worked in a SOC environment and have also done DLP implementation firsthand at some of the largest financial institutions.

14.20 – 14.30 Break

14.30 – 15.15 Increasing Security Awareness for your People.
We all know that security is only as strong as your weakest link. What are you doing to make sure that the people in your organization becomes the strongest line of defense instead of the weakest? How can we change behavior and culture within the organization and how can we measure success?

Speaker: Martin Lindgren
Martin Lindgren is the Partner Manager at Proofpoint for the Nordic region. Experienced Security professional with over 10 years’ service at companies such as Cisco, IBM and McAfee.

15.15 – 15.45 Customer case story
A customer will share their experience and best practices around the email security landscape. How did Proofpoint make a difference, what was their situation then and how is it now. What advises can be shared in the group.

15.45 -16.00 Round up: Exclusive Networks, Betina Persson