How to troubleshoot the logon process with AppSense EM tools

There are a lot of different scenarios that can happen when it comes to logon process, so I will take the example of this customer for the blogpost. A customer has some performance issues during logon. The good thing is that this customer just moved to the latest version of AppSense Environment Manager (8.6) and this version includes the latest EM tools which have a much improved view while debugging.

The first thing I have to do is select the endpoint on which I want to do my tests. I start to debug on an environment where I have no impact of other users, so I select a computer that is not being used by someone else. On that computer I install the EM tools, which can be found in the setup folder under \Software\Products\EnvironmentManagerTools64.msi. After the installation of those tools I look for the Client Logging Setup.


The easiest way to start with this tool is to just switch it on and keep the default values. By default, it will write the “etl” log-file under c:\logs. After that, I log on and off to the computer with my test user.

Now I will need the EmMon.exe tool to see what has happened. I browse for the etl-file, let it load and then click on “Analyze user-activity”.


This will open the analysis tool, but as you can see on the filter on the left, everything is switched on. You can see that the session I wish to analyze has a count of 2343 events. This is a bit too much information to start analyzing.


What I like to do now is “Deselect All”, and then only leave the “Pre-Desktop” trigger on and the “Policy Nodes”. Now I have 79 events left to analyze. And to make it easy to find the bottlenecks I sort the whole list by duration.


When I analyze the first 5 lines, I discover that all of those have something to do with file-actions on the file-server of the customer (the one taking more then 5 seconds only had to copy 350 kb). It then did not take me much time to discover that the disk activity and the wait-time on the file server were exceptionally high.

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