SecureLink releases European Security Maturity Insight Report.


SecureLink, Europe’s largest independent cybersecurity and Managed Security Services provider has released its ‘European Security Maturity Insight Report’. Uniquely created from Security Maturity Assessments performed in the previous twelve months,  the report provides insight into the strengths, weaknesses and challenges facing organisations and their cybersecurity teams.

Since 2016, organisations across Europe have been using SecureLink’s proprietary Security Maturity Assessment platform, which provides a structured and quantitative approach to the measurement of security maturity. The content of this new report now gives cybersecurity leaders insight into the successes and challenges of similar organisations across western Europe.

“Finally, we can reveal the insights of our Security Maturity Assessments. From our position as a leading company, we cannot solely rely on third-party data points. That is why, a year ago, we decided to take matters into our own hands and created a tool that we and our customers can use to level up the quality of cybersecurity,” says Marco Barkmeijer, CEO SecureLink.

Three highlights from the report:

  • 62% of organisations have no capability to detect cybersecurity events
  • Only 18% of organisations use technology to discover vulnerabilities in their systems
  • Organisations see real value in next generation firewalls as a principle prevention investment.

“Cybersecurity leaders face unprecedented challenges every day. Making appropriate interventions and prioritising investment in cyber risk reduction requires insight. Activity without insight leads to poor decisions. We now have real insight informing our decisions”, says Richard Jones, CISO SecureLink.

Created from real customer assessment data, the insight presented in SecureLink’s report has been constructed from two datasets. The first focuses on people, process and technology – the three critical elements of any cybersecurity program. The second focuses on prevention, detection and response actions. It’s here cybersecurity strengths and challenges are identified. Organisations then prioritise appropriate interventions to improve their security maturity, ultimately reducing their cyber risk.

Our Security Maturity Assessment is a real game changer. We made it possible to offer a fast, yet accurate and informative overview of an organisation’s security maturity from six perspectives, and in two layers. When the customers receive their results, they can act immediately and improve their security in a pragmatic way that makes sense in every detail,” concludes Marco Barkmeijer, CEO SecureLink.

About SecureLink

SecureLink is powered by a strong combination of artificial and human intelligence-driven solutions. We combine market-leading technology with years of experience by some of the industry’s most talented experts, to provide you with the services you need to reduce your risk. The result is a range of superb benefits that together will enable your business.

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Cybersecurity isn’t just about protection. It’s about enabling too. It’s about empowering businesses by allowing them to safely embrace innovation, efficiency and collaboration. True cybersecurity is about adding value by building trust and making life easier for our customers. Put simply, we safely enable business.

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