Security Maturity Report 2019

View the results of our Security Maturity Assessments across Europe!

Since 2016, organizations across Europe have been using SecureLink’s proprietary Security Maturity Assessment platform, which provides a structured and quantitative approach to the measurement of security maturity. The content of this new report now gives cybersecurity leaders insight into the successes and challenges of similar organizations across western Europe.

Take aways from the report:

  • While two thirds of the respondents have at least a high-level cyber security strategy, it’s often not translated in processes and technology controls. The board intention is there but follow up is lacking.
  • Despite an increased awareness on risk, many organizations still focus more on ‘preventative’ controls like endpoint and perimeter protection, than on detection of incidents, slipping through the cracks. Interestingly, there is an appetite for external focused tools like threat intelligence.
  • Finance & legal considers themselves the most mature vertical. Surprisingly, Retail (including brick and mortar retail) considers themselves the least mature. The majority of organizations do not reach the arbitrarily defined baseline.

… and more!

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Uniquely created from Security Maturity Assessments performed in the previous twelve months,  the report provides insight into the strengths, weaknesses and challenges facing organisations and their cybersecurity teams.