Palo Alto Networks EMEA Tech Summit | 10-12 MAY 16

Together with my colleague Tijl Vermant, I was looking forward to attend the Palo Alto Networks EMEA Tech Summit. This year’s edition was held in Lisbon.  We had a very busy schedule. We were booked with sessions such as ‘Virtualization Security’ and ‘Nagoya updates to Threat Prevention for Wildfire’.

When we arrived on Monday evening, we already joined an informal meeting with a few Palo Alto Networks employees. We shared stories about grand resolutions and technical life hacks. I really enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Power of the Platform: PoC-environment

On Tuesday, the first day of the summit, we went to the great hall for the first general session. My favorite gathering of the day, was without doubt ‘Power of the platform by Xavi Homs. During this session, a PoC-environment was configured using Palo Alto Networks Traps, the Palo Alto Firewall and a Metasploit attacker. Xavi Homs walked us through each and every feature that was active on both the firewall and the Traps installation that would block the exploit sent by the attacker. Its setup was simple and elegant, but it definitely showed all the layers that defend your network. The day ended at the Pateo Alfacinha in Lisbon.

Virtualization Security

Day 2 consisted of several break-out sessions with various topics regarding the new Panorama platforms and the release of PanOS 7.1.0.  During some sessions, they stressed the importance of keeping your firewalls well maintained and in the hands of a qualified partner. Some other sessions were about Palo Alto Networks’s assets in comparison with those of the competitors.  The most challenging one, was definitely‘Virtualization Security’. That will certainly become more important in the near future.

At the end of the Palo Alto Networks EMEA Tech Summit, we got a concluding speech from the founder of Palo Alto Networks: Nir Zuk. During his speech, he stressed the strategic importance of integrating Traps in the network. He gave more details by comparing the current malware trends to the solutions that actually prevent them instead of contain them. Afterwards, we exchanged cards and goodbyes. It was the end of a very interesting summit.

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