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Project Description

CHU Charleroi

CHU Charleroi successfully migrates to the most recent desktop virtualization environment.

CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) Charleroi is a public hospital group, offering 1.424 beds, with about 4.500 employees and more than 500 doctors offering services in five hospitals and multiple polyclinics and medical centers, spread over a vast region from Charleroi to Chimay and Philippeville. On a yearly basis, CHU Charleroi provides about 400.000 consults.

The CHU Charleroi is the result of various mergers and centralization efforts. This also means that the ICT infrastructure of the entire group was at first a very heterogeneous environment, which was very hard to manage and maintain. The variety of devices and operating systems spread over a large number of sites had prompted the ICT department in 2003 already to centralize the data and applications and to make them available using VMWare on the server side and Citrix combined with AppSense on the client side.

Implementing such a major upgrade requires lots of specific experience and expertise, in project management as well as in the various required technologies, Raido was one of the few candidates to be experienced in all these areas, so we were soon convinced that they were the best team for the job.

Jean-Pierre Binon, ICT Director at CHU Charleroi