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Project Description


Egemin Automation, a specialist in the automation of logistic and production processes, knows how important security is for sustainable operational management like no other.  The importance of foolproof security for its ICT infrastructure is never questioned either.  Accordingly, security must keep pace as the ICT structure develops.  This is one task that Emegin prefers to leave up to specialists, says ICT Manager Gert Vanden Bergh:  “We specialize in software and PLCs, not so much in PCs.

Thanks to Deep Security, we need not sacrifice 5% of the performance on each virtual machine for the benefit of the security software, but only once 5% on one physical machine in order to protect the entire server envi-ronment. And that is not the sole advantage,” he continues: The software patches to protect against newly dis-covered threats need not be installed 420 times, but only once. And the centralization of the entire server secu-rity makes log inspection and monitoring far simpler and easier to survey.

Gert Vanden Bergh, ICT Manager at Egemin