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Project Description

Jan Yperman

The Jan Yperman Hospital in Ypres needs a future-proof network and data center because of their ever explosive growth of data. The performance and operational reliability of the data center are of utmost importance. Their former infrastructure was old and had a lack of bandwidth. It could not secure a sufficiently fast response to demand for data from the applications. Jan Yperman set strict requirements on their new data center infrastructure.  It has to be operationally reliable at all times with maximum performance and minimum latency, so that the medical staff can use the necessary patient information as rapidly as possible.

It is moreover vital for the data center to be ready for future challenges.  In the short term, it must be possible to double the network’s capacity as well as to use 40 and 100 GB connections.

For the design, installation and full management of this new network, we turned to our partner of long standing, SecureLink. Not having to worry about operational concerns, I can anticipate new needs and trends faster and thus align the IT system closer with the hospital’s information needs.

Francky Deleu, IT Manager at Jan Yperman Hospital