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Project Description

Koningin Elisabeth Instituut (KEI)

Koningin Elisabeth Instituut (KEI) opts for efficient and safe infrastructure
– for the benefit of patients and staff alike

The rehabilitation center has a relatively small IT department.  “Our centre has some 160 patients and we are also responsible for the IT of the residential care facility Dunecluze with another 96 beds. Nevertheless, we do not have the same resources in terms of time, staff and money as the bigger medical centers. But we have the same needs and run the same software.  Only our data quantity is smaller,” Stefaan Dewulf says. The rehabilitation hospital therefore took an important decision last year about the IT department. “We opted to be innovative and to focus on technology. Extra staff would not change much in our situation. Ultimately, we would only be running behind the facts.”

Do more in less time

The KEI has some 150 computers and devices all of which previously had to be updated manually.  So installing a new version of a program took a lot of time.  “Even when using certain tools, it was difficult to run the same version of programs on all the devices and to keep them up to date. To put it bluntly: Once you had installed the most recent version on the last device, you had to start installing the patches and updates of that program on the first device,” adds Stefaan by way of explanation of a thorny issue.

For the KEI, it was particularly important to find a solution to that challenge.  “We can do more work in less time. That sounds like a simple task, but it is not easy.” The KEI turned to SecureLink and Raido for expert advice. SecureLink is a specialized security and infrastructure integrator with offices in Wommelgem (Antwerp).

Every device works with the same version. Updates can be carried out at the push of a button without having to shut down the system. Less maintenance is needed. And as everything runs in the data center, our doctors and nurses can rest assured that no data are lost if there is a power outage. In short, our infrastructure is far safer and ready for the future.

Stefaan Dewulf head of the IT Department at the Koningin Elisabeth Instituu