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Project Description


Synergics is a service provider that is responding to business growth as we speak. The company is specialized in the design and the administration of IT infrastructures. Since 2006, 35 employees have been working at two different offices in Brussels and Zwijnaarde, servicing around a hundred mid-sized companies from various industries.

In order to improve the quality of service, Synergics sought a party that could offer an innovative ‘end-to-end’ solution.  Jochen Maertens explains: “Our classic infrastructure required a lot of administration and was no longer up to par in terms of modern virtualization demands and the resulting growth in the number of virtual machines. Therefore, we looked for a company that could offer us a fitting ‘end-to-end’ solution, tailored to our services. After an intense search, SecureLink proposed Nutanix, which could address all our demands. And thanks to our long-term partnership with SecureLink, we are ensured of a sound implementation of this innovative storage technology.  They have the required knowledge and experience with new technologies.”

Together with SecureLink we are pioneering this innovative datacenter solution in Belgium. Therefore, it is vitally important to join forces with a partner that can be trusted and provides reliable support. A party that has a lot of knowledge and remains on the forefront of technology. A professional partner who will do anything to en-sure the project’s success. Synergics and SecureLink are a very good match.

Jochen Maertens,  General Manager at Synergics