Protecting against DDoS attacks

The recent denial of service attacks against the Swedish media shows us once again how vulnerable and unprotected most of our public websites are. To succeed with an attack like this does not require tons of resources nor deep technical knowledge. A motive and some bitcoins are enough. You can rent botnets or even buy DDoS-as-a-service in the DarkNet market place today, and you can do it anonymously using the TOR-network.

So how can we protect against this?

Well to start with we need to understand that a DDoS attack is not one attack. It can be a combination of many different type of attacks that together will disrupt your service. Some of the attacks are application-based and some of the attacks are volumetric. The attacker will most probably try a lot of different ones until he/she is successful with the denial of service.

There is no way to protect against a DDoS attack by only having a component on-premise. Your internet connection is easily flooded with traffic, so you need a cloud component that can mitigate against the large volumetric attacks, and you need someone who knows how to tune it.

Protecting against DDoS attacks is not only important from an availability point of view. A DDoS attack can also be used to draw attention away from other attacks that may cause a lot more damage to your business. So it is one piece of the difficult security puzzle.

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