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Colruyt Group extends efficiency vision to IT

Optimization in maintenance, operational processes and time thanks to SecureLink and Infoblox

The Colruyt Group has been around for more than 80 years already and has grown from a family business to a family of businesses. Colruyt, DreamBaby, DreamLand, Bio-Planet and Spar are only a few of the companies belonging to the group. Managing a worldwide network with about 800 sites on every continent but centered in Belgium and 30,000 employees is no sinecure. One team in the 1000 strong IT department is not only responsible for the network management in all shops, but also for the distribution centers, administrative buildings and data centers of the Colruyt Group – 800 sites in all spread over Belgium, France, Luxembourg, India, Hong Kong and the French islands. So the small team of about 20 network engineers has its hands full.

The Colruyt Group keeps growing every day, and so does its IT environment. For the automated processes, developed and managed by the network engineers, this continuous change was far from obvious.  Minor glitches often had to be attended to whereby an automated process that normally lasts 30 seconds, easily took 30 minutes. However, this inefficient manner of working did not fit in with the Colruyt Group’s lowest price strategy.

From complex to complete

We have always organized our network management ourselves, but over time, this simply got too extensive, too complex and too fragmented. If we wanted to keep on doing this, we had to hire 2 or 3 more people without fail. Furthermore, there are enough tools available for network management nowadays,” explains Michel Deneyer, Team Lead Network Solutions at Colruyt Group Services.

As all automated processes are running smoothly, we now have more time again for business-oriented projects. At the Colruyt Group, IT actually plays a clear business supporting role.

Joris Beckers, Network Engineer at Colruyt Group

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