Hoyer (NL)

Hoyer, a global logistics organization, is a market leader in transporting liquids by road, rail and water. They are a global organization that is operating in over 80 countries. “We do not have dedicated security engineers, therefore, we chose to work with SecureLink. They are specialists in the field of security and they really gave us customized advice about innovation and improvement. Taking the future into account, they complement the daily management.” says Patrick van Dijk, head of Infrastructure System Management. 

Hoyer met SecureLink as a result of our demand for advice and for the implementation of an enterprise-ready wireless network. This had long been on the agenda, but from that particular moment on, it was an urgent business case and therefore, it had to be operational within two months.

You really notice that SecureLink engineers also work in the field. Their advice is based on their experience and knowledge.

Wilfred de Groot, System Administrator, HOYER Group

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