Just like Veritas, the digital and online world is constantly expanding. One of Veritas’ objectives is to use digital and online services as a business accelerator. Johan De Witte (IT Manager at Veritas): “Retail stores are increasingly evolving into advice and online outfits. Our employees are taking on the role of consultants rather than salespeople which means they must be able to support our customers through the provision of online tools.” Based on this development, Veritas has a number of plans in the pipeline and a solid and reliable network and Wi-Fi environment is an essential part of achieving those.

Johan De Witte: ‘We are planning to install kiosks in our stores which allow customers to submit a digital request for our catalogue or browse our catalogue online. As well as this, we would like to allow guest access which means we would be able to offer customers the opportunity to go online using their own smartphones or tablets. Within the next year, our sales consultants will also be provided with tablets to allow them to provide customers with up-to-date information. Our district managers are already experiencing the convenience of our new Wi-Fi network because all they have to do is open their laptop in the store to gain direct access to our network.’

All these benefits provided by online solutions for both customers and employees mean that a solid, efficient and secure network and Wi-Fi environment is essential. Johan De Witte: ‘In order to realize these plans, we have invested in a new network environment. An increasing number of people—including both customers and employees—have access to the network. An advanced security solution is vital in providing them with a safe environment. To ensure this, we have called on the knowledge and expertise of SecureLink.’

SecureLink was able to fulfil our requirements by offering a full managed service for this project. This is crucial and certainly not self-evident given that everything goes via the network, including the connections between the checkouts and head office, as well as the updates that are carried out online. We’re talking about 118 stores here which means a lot could go wrong. A constant data connection between our sites and head office is crucial to our business. SecureLink takes care of these matters and we are extremely pleased with how they manage the infrastructure. If a problem were to occur, we have agreed on whether or not I would be informed. Thanks to SecureLink’s full managed service, the internal IT team can focus on its core activity: business.

Johan De Witte, IT Manager at Veritas

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