Ignite Cybersecurity Conference 2016 – Palo Alto Networks


This month, I went to the Palo Alto Networks Ignite Cybersecurity Conference in Las Vegas. More than 3000 other networking, IT and security specialists gathered to hear all about the next generation security platform. The conference was a mixture of product presentations, hands-on sessions, keynote speakers, ultimate test drives and best practice sharing.

Best practices

The different sessions were given by Palo Alto Networks’ engineers or their reference customers. In each session, we shared concrete usage of the security platform. During one specific gathering, we learned how to protect industrial Process Control systems. Another theme we addressed, was how to make sure the segmentation in those environments is performed correctly from both a security point of view and an organizational one.

In the biggest conference room, Palo Alto Networks demonstrated the cybersecurity best practices. Actually, it really demonstrated how easy it is nowadays to launch an advanced attack. Therefore, a security platform (related to security products) is the way to go to improve the protection level.


Know your cookies!

During my visit, I also attended various sessions where the technologies used by malware were covered. We looked at the way cookies are used for identity spoofing and user tracking. Now I know how cookies work, I can prevent such attacks and I can easier detect malware that is talking to its Command and Control site. In the end, malware needs authentication too…

The latest updates on Palo Alto Networks’ products

At Palo Alto Networks, they use each asset of a product to develop the next generation security platform that prevents attacks. All pieces together, combined with a continuous detection and monitoring process, make your prevention puzzle complete!

At the conference, I learned all about the most recent changes in their product range. The new PanOS 7.1 for example now has a better integration with Autofocus (threat intelligence) and SaaS (Software as a Service) application usage. On top of that, it will react faster thanks to five minute updates on WildFire. Its integrated logs ensure a quick identification of infected users and possible threats.

When it comes to virtualization, more platforms are supported. Some examples are Hyper-V; the integration of VMWare Tools in their productPanorama and the support of VM-series in Azure.

The content inspection level was also covered during the Ignite Cybersecurity Conference. I discovered that custom domains and URLs are now supported in External Dynamic Lists. GlobalProtect mobile security service has improved too with the support of ChromeOS; the better-quality of Windows and MacOS clients; the easier usage of Two-Factor authentication; and the various improvements on the usage of certificates.

More details? Check out the new features guide.


To me, the Ignite Conference was a great opportunity to share experiences! The trip was quite intense, but I really gained some pertinent information. The overall message is that security is needed globally in our digital world. It is not only reserved for companies handling with extremely sensitive information. Automating and speeding up our prevention and response is the way to go! So, do you want hackers to look for other, easier victims than you? Be smarter than them!

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