Meitu app sends data to remote servers

The Meitu app, designed to filter and enhance users’ pictures and has seen increased usage in the last few days, issending user information to remote IP addresses. While the app is meant to be used with pictures, it asks for a large number of permissions, including full network access, the ability to change settings, MAC address, and the local IP address. The iOS version of Meitu may also check to see whether the device it is being used on has been jailbroken.

As users started to look at the app more, they relayed information about it over Twitter. One found that the app sent the device’s MAC address, OS version, and IMEI to a remote server for what looks to be analytics purposes. Another user discovered that the remote location it was sending information to was based in China.

At the moment, it is unclear what the data being used for, but the permissions Meitu requests and the data it sends does raise questions. We recommend that users avoid downloading and using this app for the time being.

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