Can Machine Learning Protect Your Data?

Every now and then, we are facing a game changer. Something that, when you enable it, will dramatically change your life or current situation. I am not talking about faster or bigger, I am talking about a paradigm. Before and after.

I am sure that you can remember some of these in your life. Within cybersecurity in general and endpoint protection especially this is exactly what happens as we speak. I think we all know the importance of good cybersecurity. I am not going to bore you with numbers about why you should have it. I think you all know the reasons why you would go bananas if you lost all your data on your computer.

In this article, I will explain why machine learning and our service, SecurePrevent Endpoint, will make your life easier, safer and more proactive.

In the good old days…

In the early days, we trusted anti-virus solutions that were depending on signatures. For a long time, they worked pretty well. The number of breaches was under control and life was easy. In order for vendors to create a certificate, they had to wait until there was a breach somewhere in the world from which they could get the required information to produce a signature that stopped the threat from taking place a second time on a different computer. Of course, IRL, we saw many computers having a breach before the anti-virus had enough data or awareness to create a cure.

This was in the good old days. Today the situation is far more challenging. The amount of threats and breaches has increased big time. There is no way the old process involving certificates can keep up with the numbers.

The short story: it doesn’t work. At all.

Hello machine learning!

Of course, you can keep an (old) solution by just increasing its speed or size. That’s also how most vendors tried to solve this challenge. But, the result was not good enough. Luckily, there were some smart people that attacked this problem from a different angle. Instead of hiring more people and tell them to work faster, they asked themselves if it was possible to use AI and machine learning to recognize and stop bad code. Today, years after their first attempt, we can only but appreciate this and agree that they have come up with a far better solution than the previous one. In fact, I don’t see why you shouldn’t try this type of solution so you can compare it to your current one.

I know that machine learning is maybe one of the biggest buzzwords right now. Almost all vendors use it in their commercials. But this is the real thing. Trust me.

I don’t believe you. Can I try it?

The good thing about this solution is that it is easy to deploy and easy to try. So, if you want to see it with your own eyes, just contact us, ask for SecurePrevent Endpoint. We will guide you to a safe place where your organization will be much better protected and the time you spend on breaches will dramatically decrease.

Why SecureLink

At SecureLink we are very proud to call ourselves the leading provider of cyber security in Europe. We know that each company is unique. That’s why we’ve built our offerings in modular blocks, like Lego. That means that you will get a solution that solves all your demands, while also having the scalability that you could only expect previously from the largest (and least flexible) players out there. Think of it as the best of both worlds.

Also, you can always expect the latest technology powering your services when working with SecureLink. And, last but not least, you will be covered 24/7. Our CDC and CSIRT are ready to come to your aid at all time.

Put Simply, we safely enable your business.

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Hans Edin
CMO, SecureLink Group

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