Do you speak cybersecurity?

If I received a nickel every time we in the business used an abbreviation or a tech-word, I would be a rich man. On top of that we focus on what and how, not so much the why. Today, when we see a lot of our buyers coming from other departments other than IT, it is more important than ever that we can show and explain the actual business value that we offer. If we are lucky, the customer is honest and lets us know that they don’t understand. If we are unclear and the client pretends to understand we are much worse off. That leaves us with a project based on ignorance. Have you ever been there? It is a frustrating scenario with no winners.

The solution

It is time to translate all the amazing things we can do so that everybody understands the positive impact IT in general and cybersecurity in particular can have in our customer’s business. They deserve to know.

This may seem like a simple task, but a big part of our legacy must change before this happens. I can, however, promise you that companies that take this approach are going to find themselves with happier customers, straightforward projects and a bigger revenue.

Need help?

Maybe you are an IT person who needs help explaining to the board why “next gen” is vital to your business, or maybe you are a non-tech person trying to understand your next step in order to keep the bad guys away. Either way you are welcome to contact us at SecureLink. We have really smart tech-people that also speak the language of your business. They can identify the impact a solution or service will have on your business, and at the same time explain the “why” so it’s makes sense to everyone involved. Even the ones that simply pretend to understand.

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Hans Edin
CMO, SecureLink Group

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