Managed Detection & Response – a Game Changer

Managed Detection and Response is about discovering breaches in real time, and responding in a way that minimizes damage for your organisation. 

The fact that it takes the average company 99 days to detect that they have been breached, and that half of them* were informed by an external resource tells us that it is time to level up our quality regarding detection and response. A lot.

Close is not enough

There are many ways to become “almost” good enough with your cyber security. Different vendors, technologies and even skills can provide a decent protection against a variety of threats. As long as you follow best practise and make active, relevant choices when aligning your people and processes with the right technology. But, in actuality that’s not enough. The number of threats we now face, combined with their impact demands more. On top of that we now accept that 100% security is impossible.

The recipe? Make sure, as always, that you have the right protection. But also embrace detection as well as response. If you think about it; all data today tells us that protection alone is not good enough. Add detection and response if you want to look your organisation in the eye when you tell them that they are covered.


  • Most companies’ ability to detect threats is far below an acceptable level.
  • It will be hard, onerous and expensive to find resources to build your own SOC and CSIRT team.
  • The majority of companies will invest in some type of detection and/or response services.

When is enough enough?

As always, to know your next step you need to know where you are today. Who you are, risk appetite and specific regulations are just a few feature’s that give us a clue. The amount of, and the type of protection, detection and response is unique for every business. But don’t worry, the way to find out what’s right for you is not rocket science. Focused assessment gives us what we need to suggest your next step closer to security nirvana.

As you’ve already figured out, just to add more of everything might keep you safer, but you would end up with an organisation that is everything but enabled. As always, good, effective cyber security should not be noticeable within your organisation.

Benifits of Managed Detection & Response.

As you can imagine the benefits are many, but the ones you consider your top three might be different compared to your neighbour. Again, every company has its own challenges. But we think that everyone can agree that the following benefits are more of a need than nice to have:

  • Stopping threats before they cause too much damage.
  • The ability to analyze threats.
  • Having a team of experts at a price you can afford.
  • Access to tools and processes that you could not afford by yourself.
  • Access to knowledge that you could not receive any other way.

Meet a rock star.

Finding skilled, dedicated people within cyber security is a huge challenge for any company. In fact, by the end of 2019 there will be a 2M global shortage of cyber security experts*. Only successful, dedicated cyber security companies will have the challenges and the environment necessary to attract these rock stars. MDR is one of those services where this really matters, since the only way many companies will get in touch with these kinds of people and knowledge is through a leading cyber security provider. So next time you see them: ask for an autograph…

We got you covered.

SecureLink MDR services are modular and a customer can select one or several of these components depending on their own abilities and resources. 

All of the services are backed by our Pan-European Cyber Defence Center that has 24×7 eyes on screen, and our CSIRT team that provides CREST certified Incident Response Retainer services to help respond to critical security incidents.

Why SecureLink

Whenever you are about to benchmark different MDR services you need to compare apples to apples.

At SecureLink we are very proud of calling ourselves the leading provider of cyber security in Europe.We know that each company needs to be treated as unique. We solved that equation by building our offerings in modular blocks, like Lego. That means that you will get a solution that solves all of your demands, while also having the scalability that you could expect previously only from the largest (and least flexible) players out there. Think of it as the best of both worlds.

Also, you can always expect the latest technology powering your services when working with SecureLink. Last but not least you will be covered. Our 24/7 CDC and CSIRT are on their toes ready to come to your aid at any time.

Put Simply, we safely enable your business.

* UK House of Lords Digital Skills Committee, FireEye M-Trends Report 2017, Gartner, Shift Cybersecurity Investment to Detection and Response, January 2016, Refreshed May 2017
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CMO, SecureLink Group

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