RSA Conference 2016: Executive Briefing Center (EBC)

It all comes down to automation and integration

Before the RSA Security Conference really took off, we went to visit some of our primary vendors at the Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Silicon Valley. Both Juniper Networks and Aruba Networks (a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company) welcomed us at their headquarters to discuss our developments and experiences, with their products for example. This EBC mechanism really works effectively! A proper preparation, responsible employees and mutual dependency (SecureLink makes a substantial part of both vendors’ turnover in the Benelux) ensure a constructive and healthy interaction. Juniper Networks offers a strong, coherent set of products named Secure Software Defined Networks (SDSN) achieving a centralized and automated security.

From Network Security to a Secure Network

Many developments are taking place and advanced threat protection (named Sky ATP) is really in the spotlight as well as central management and a strong user experience with focus on automation and operator efficiency. In terms of Data Center Solutions, we discussed a deep integration with VMware NSX, where the focus lies on micro-segmentation of the virtual and the physical (both on network and security level).

When it comes to management tooling for security devices (SRX), the Junos Space Security designer 15.2 was demonstrated. This was released on March 14, 2016 containing many graphical improvements, a significantly improved user experience and an increase of the intuitiveness.

At Aruba Networks it is clear that wireless and access control (ClearPass) are key elements of the enterprise wireless proposition.

  • Do you use a wired connection every day?
  • Do you use your fixed VoIP phone to contact your clients or colleagues on a daily basis?

The answer to these questions is probably unanimous ‘NO’. Therefore, the importance of wireless, social media and other developments such as smartrate (2.5 and 5Gb connections) for proper deployment of 802.11ac are highlighted.

Aruba Networks’ strengths lie in their right access control and adaptive security measures end-to-end. The REST API and the ongoing integration with various NGFW and SIEM solutions provide enormous opportunities.


An executive briefing center is important because it offers the opportunity to interact with key individuals and because it provides constructive feedback on our ideas and experiences. We are on good terms with our vendors and the ‘voice of the customer’ will certainly be taken into account.

Are you interested? Together, we can visit a vendor of your infrastructure.

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