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Data Protection

Every organisation has sensitive information, that would cause severe damage to the company or its customers if it was compromised or stolen. This data needs to be protected regardless of where it is currently stored or processed.

By identifying the critical information, where it is stored, processed and transmitted, the right level of protection can be applied. SecureLink has the knowledge and tools to help customers with this, regardless of whether the data consists of designs, customer data, credit card details, M&A documents, etc.

SecureLink helps design and implement proper protection mechanisms, whether they are for endpoints, file servers, cloud services, mail and web transfers, etc. By aligning the protective technology to proper processes and procedures, the amount of incidents related to data loss is dramatically reduced for most organisations.

SecureLink helps you discover your database assets and risks, protect sensitive data, and comply with company governance and mandated regulations. Advanced technology combined with proven methodology and processes, enable control and protection of critical assets.

Business critical information is one of your most valuable assets. Identify it, locate it, and protect it. It can be difficult with today’s cloud, mobile and social IT setup, but with SecureLink’s approach you get the tools and processes you need to protect your most valuable assets.

In addition to providing security best practice, ensuring the integrity of sensitive files and file attributes is a regulatory mandate for many organisations. SecureLink provides solutions that monitor and alert on suspicious changes to sensitive files.