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Security Intelligence

Knowledge is power. As the corporate landscape is rapidly growing more complex, successful security efforts must include intelligence, vigilance and instant response. We can no longer rely on yesterday’s protection, where building walls and chasing known threats were central. Rather, enterprises must understand that there will be breaches and incidents, regardless of how hard we work with security.

Key to success is to have a flexible and layered security approach, and convert technology data into actionable intelligence. Visibility into what is happening in the network, combined with constant information about new security threats, enable the organisation to efficiently defend itself – before, during, and after an attack.

SecureLink has extensive experience in building advanced security intelligence and analysis infrastructures. With intelligent Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions at the core, powered with external threat feeds and internal contextual data, the scene is prepared for the security analyst to enter.

SecureLink security analysis services deliver best-in-class security analysis to customers. We alert you on the things you need to take action on, and advise you what to do.

With the Advanced Threat Prevention service we enable you to prevent, detect, and respond to network-based zero day exploit attempts, web drive-by downloads, and advanced malware. These would otherwise typically bypass conventional signature-reliant defenses.

When investigating a breach, the ability to compile evidence and understanding of what has happened are key. This requires highly skilled people and advanced tools. SecureLink can help investigate any kind of cyber crime or security breach.

New vulnerabilities are published every day. You need to understand your threats and take proper action. With SecureLink Global Threat Monitoring you get timely notifications about Internet threats. The information is customised and relevant for your specific environment.

Despite the best protective measures, incidents will occur. By having a well-trimmed incident response and recovery ability, downtime is minimised and damage is reduced. SecureLink helps assess current functions, design processes and tools, and train staff.

When a customer is a target for an attack, SecureLink helps with detailed investigations of the malicious software used in the attack. With advanced tools and methods, the customer will learn how the incident could occur, what it did, and if/what other machines are infected.

Unwanted changes to files and file attributes can be signs of possible malicious activity. The few critical can be hard to detect within a large volume of daily changes. SecureLink helps detect these changes, and notify you for action.

The managed IDS/IPS service provides analysis to optimise coverage, remove false positives and provide actionable data about the threats in your network. IDS/IPS is a common compliance requirement, and a managed service is an efficient way to ensure compliance.

Central log collection is critical for security analysis, IT operations and compliance. With contextual data and human analysis, malicious activity can be detected. SecureLink SIEMaaS enables collection, enrichment, correlation and 24×7 analysis by our security experts.

PCI DSS has many security requirements, covering many different technologies and processes. SecureLink delivers tailored PCI Security services to some of the largest companies in Europe, helping them not only get compliant, but reach their optimal security level.


Every exposure to the Internet is a potential way in for malicious intruders. With today’s rapid changes, it is hard to stay in control of what is exposed. SecureLink Perimeter Patrol provides complete visibility of your exposed services, and notifies you of any changes.

Do you know what to do when you have a serious security incident? SecureLink security experts assess your response functions and provide recommendations for improvement. Recommendations include people, process and technology.

Both security and compliance require SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to help provide visibility. Detect and analyse security incidents, monitor who accesses your sensitive data, report on compliance. Get full visibility from a central point.

New malicious hosts appear on the Internet every day. To detect and block malicioius traffic to and from these hosts, your security teams and products need live threat intelligence. SecureLink provides comprehensive live threat intelligence feeds to help detect threats.

Vulnerabilities in your IT assets mean ways to compromise them. With new vulnerabilities detected every day, it is a challenge to ensure they are patched. SecureLink Vulnerability Assessment scans and reports on all vulnerabilities found, and give recommendations for action.

Your security team needs to be empowered with actionable intelligence. SecureLink security analysis services utilise the power of technology combined with threat intelligence and human expertise. You get timely notification of ongoing and potential security incidents.

SecureLink Compromise Assessment is designed for customers who suspect malware is operating in their network or that they are targeted by attackers, but are unsure how to collate evidence to prove it or how to start remediation and mitigation of the problem.