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Web & Application Security

Web applications continue to be hot targets for attacks. Either in their own right, or as intermediaries for secondary attacks. Attacks are performed using methods that exploit known issues, such as cross site scripting or SQL injections, but increasingly also using stolen user credentials. It is therefore critical to have protection that covers many different attack types and vectors.

SecureLink provides solutions for web application security, regardless of whether your web applications are hosted locally (in your data center) or remotely (hosted, cloud, as-a-service).

Protection against internal and external attacks, monitoring of access, and audit logging for incident detection and compliance reasons, are all security measures that should be in place. With intelligent correlation and analysis applied, web application logs are an important factor to quickly detect and remediate security incidents.

Increase employee productivity, drive customer revenue, and boost business operations. Control and manage your network traffic, ensure peak network performance, always stay on. SecureLink delivers leading, easily scalable network solutions to help meet changing demands.

Servers and applications need to be verified for security, before and during production. Penetration tests that include deep-dive technical tests to find ways to compromise the asset, are a good way to ensure the desired level of security is applied from day one.

You need protection to ensure your business can operate, your customers be served, and revenue generated. SecureLink has solutions that provide protection against attacks, access monitoring, and audit logging, regardless of where your web applications are hosted.