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SecureLink’s security experts provide guidance, advice, and practical assessments on both strategic and operational levels, adjusted to the individual organisation’s reality.

We strongly believe that good security is a fundamental requirement for long-term success in business. We do however also believe that each organisation should strive for the level of security that best matches their business goals, compliance requirements, and risk appetite. No more, no less. Organisations that move from being reactive to proactively working with security, will obtain much more value out of each investment.

Assessments also need to be done regularly on an operational level. For example, analyses of the current threat and protection level within the company – is the protective technology doing a good job in light of the existing threats, our organisation, and our resources? Are we continuously investigating the size of the current threat on a technical level- which of our systems are vulnerable to known threats, when will we have patches available to secure them, and how are we protecting them until then?

Some of the driving forces behind Assessment Services are:

  • Identify risks you did not know about
    • Can your Internet services be remotely exploited by anyone?
    • What level of protection does your email security gateway provide?
    • How vulnerable are you to phishing attacks?
  • Invest in the right areas
    • Should you upgrade or replace existing technology?
    • Are you using existing technology in an optimal way?
    • Do you have the right mix of protection, detection and response capabilities?
    • Validate services
      • Is your outsourcing provider configuring your equipment in a secure way?
      • Are your servers and applications patched according to your SLA:s?
  • Are your developers writing secure code that you can take into production?”

Do you know how many cloud applications that your company is using?
Do you know how secure these cloud applications are?

Cloud Risk Assessment helps you gain visibility into your current cloud usage and identifies potential risks.

SecureLink’s Compromise Assessment is designed for customers who suspect malware is operating in their network or that they are being targeted by attackers, but are unsure how to collate evidence to prove it or how to start remediation and mitigation of the problem.

Did you know that the majority of perimeter security issues are related to misconfigurations?
How do you know that your firewall is configured in a secure way?
Have you outsourced your firewall management? Even more reason to hire an external company to assess the security.

New vulnerabilities are published every day. You need to understand your threats and take proper action. With SecureLink Global Threat Monitoring you get timely notifications about Internet threats. The information is customised and relevant for your specific environment.

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How good is your email security gateway at detecting malware?

The Malware Detection Assessment helps you assess your current email security solution to verify your protection level.

There are many aspects to consider: 

  • The financial consequences of phishing scams
  • The financial impact of phishing on employee productivity
  • The cost to contain malware
  • The cost of malware not contained & the likelihood it will cause a material data breach
  • The cost of business disruption due to phishing
  • The cost to contain credential compromises
  • Potential cost savings from employee training

Our assessment tools and suite of interactive training modules have two equally important aims: to help your employees understand security threats and implement the best practices needed to reduce risk to your organisation.

Servers and applications need to be verified for security, before and during production. Penetration tests that include deep-dive technical tests to find ways to compromise the asset, are a good way to ensure the desired level of security is applied from day one.

Every exposure to the Internet is a potential way in for malicious intruders. With today’s rapid changes, it is hard to stay in control of what is exposed. SecureLink Perimeter Patrol provides complete visibility of your exposed services, and notifies you of any changes.

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The first thing the hacker wants to do after compromising an endpoint is to get access to a privileged account.
How good is your security for privileged accounts?

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Vulnerabilities in your IT assets mean ways to compromise them. With new vulnerabilities detected every day, it is a challenge to ensure they are patched. SecureLink Vulnerability Assessment scans and reports on all vulnerabilities found, and gives recommendations for remediation.

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