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Being attacked is not a question of ’if’, but a question of ’when’. The real challenge lies in how to plan, prepare and prevent, and respond once the incident happens. Too many organizations act in an ad hoc manner, putting out fires as they occur. Efficient risk management and damage reduction require proper planning and an organization that is well prepared and ready to take action.

The business landscape is changing dramatically. New technology enables new, disruptive business ideas and models. Those that do not lead or adapt will suffer severely. However, new technology also means new threats and attack vectors. Organized crime, nation states, and less honest competitors may all be utilizing new opportunities to steal your data or other assets.

As individuals we are more exposed than ever. Not only do we voluntarily post massive information about our lives on social media, but our actions and behavior are also constantly monitored and analyzed, whether we know it or not. Regulators try to keep up with the new criminal methods, personal integrity issues, and the global model of the Internet, resulting in new regulations and frameworks affecting business operations globally.

Navigating this landscape is a challenge. Finding the balance between grasping new opportunities and being secure and compliant is hard. It is a continuous process that requires constant flows of information and decision-making. The ability to adapt to changing requirements is key.

At SecureLink, we know how to steer and navigate. This is our home ground. We know that it is critical to have a balance between strategic goals, tactical plans, and operational security to effectively prevent, detect and respond.

SecureLink Cybersecurity Advisory Services are designed to help you plan and design your cybersecurity defense strategy in the most effective way, to ensure your business is safely enabled.

Cybersecurity Advisory Services is all about guiding and advising customers on how to make their digital journey a safe one. We help you with up to date security knowledge, advanced technical challenges explained in a simple way.

We assess your current status, help you define and prioritize your goals and objectives, and recommend the best ways forward. We give you an idea of your security maturity level, in comparison to your peers.

We are not legal advisers. We are pragmatic cybersecurity experts. We know what solutions that will help you get closer to meeting the compliance requirements you have, be they GDPR, PCI or something else.

Are you a CISO? Or are you an executive without a CISO in your organization? SecureLink can help you coordinate and prioritize among the numerous challenges and tasks involved in cybersecurity. All the time with your business operations in focus. And all the time with a healthy balance between people, processes and technology.

SecureLink Cybersecurity Advisory Services are delivered by a team of professionals with long and solid experience from various aspects of cybersecurity. What they all have in common is a focus on delivering exceptional customer value, being pragmatic in relation to the customer priorities and needs, and being up to date on both technology trends and best practice frameworks.

Being a cybersecurity advisor requires the ability to move between advanced technology concepts and executive business layers. It requires communication skills and the ability to work across multiple disciplines.

At SecureLink, we strive not just to be good advisors. We want to be your trusted advisors. We want you to know that our advice is always in your best interest and to our best knowledge. That requires a close relationship between SecureLink and our customers. It requires sharing long-term objectives, openness and honesty.

How we can help

Our knowledge and experience cover many aspects. Below are examples of some areas where we can help.

  • Cybersecurity strategy & roadmap – efficient operations require proper planning. We help you define and design your cybersecurity strategy.
  • Security maturity assessment – without knowing your starting point it is impossible to estimate the work required to reach your desired state. The security maturity assessment gives you a high-level overview and key recommendations for improvement.
  • GDPR – the new data protection regulation requires that personal data is properly protected. We assess your current status, recommend actions and solutions, and help ensure your data assets are well protected.
  • Management advisory – board members and executives are beginning to realize their responsibility for their business cyber defenses. We help them understand the threat landscape, business and regulatory requirements, and reasonable prioritizations.
  • CISO advisory – the challenges of a CISO today ranges from how to deal with ransomware to cyber insurance discussions. SecureLink is your extended arm and resource, regardless of whether it is about filling a temporary vacancy or providing expert advice on a continuous basis.

GDPR, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, entered into force in May 2016 and will come into full effect in May 2018.