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In the design phase, SecureLink helps customers design and architect their security infrastructure and processes on a high level, with a layered security approach. The key is to have a complete security infrastructure, with a minimum of overlapping technologies. We also ensure that the selected technologies and products are properly designed, to ensure they integrate well with existing solutions and processes.

The technology must not only work at the moment of deployment, but also be designed in a way that makes it scalable and flexible enough to meet changing demands. Furthermore, certain security technology requires ongoing work to ensure continuous value. SecureLink can help design processes and work procedures that integrate with existing processes, to ensure the value does not depreciate over time.

SecureLink has the expertise to design specific solutions, but also to ensure the solutions integrate well with the existing infrastructure, and meet the demands of tomorrow. We help you define longer-term roadmaps as well as design your security architecture.

SecureLink technical security experts know wich security products work well and how to configure them. We also know how they should be designed, to ensure they fit well with your existing infrastructure and processes. We give you end-to-end functionality.

Security is not a point product. It is all about the right mix of technology, organisation and process. We help design and implement the processes to ensure your organisation can realise the maximum value from your technology investments.