100% protection does not exist. As soon as you realize that, you must start building investigation options. The detection of threats can take place in several places (log files, endpoints, networks). Each of these places has its advantages and disadvantages.

By 2020, 60% of company information security budgets will be allocated to investigation and response services.
Source: Gartner’s Cyber ​​Security Investment to Detection and Response shift

One of the major problems with outdated security products is that they only use signatures to detect threats (examples: anti virus, IDS …). In many cases, this means that the threat must be known, investigated and documented before it can be traced.

To discover today’s threat, SecureLink uses Machine Learning and Deep Learning to detect suspicious behavior that does not yet have a signature. In this way, zero-day threats and advanced persistent threads can be traced.

However, detection based on Machine Learning technology is not black and white, but rather many shades of gray. Is a detected risk of 38% a substantial risk or a false positive result? This is where the security analysts of the SecureLink Cyber ​​Defense Centers come in: they help analyze the data and classify the incident. This makes the method a perfect combination of people, processes and technology.

  • A range of complete detection in log files, networks and endpoint activities.

  • Based on the latest technology with the help of Machine Learning.

  • Can be combined with the services of SecureRespond to limit the effect of the detected leaks.

SecureDetect offers complete detection for log files, networks and endpoints. The service can be combined with SecureRespond for complete Managed Detection & Response.

Choose a combination that fits your budget and your risk mitigation requirements.

SecureDetect Services

SecureDetect SIEM is a jointly managed SIEM service, where a SIEM platform is used to provide protection against threats to the environment.

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SecureDetect Network makes it possible to detect leaks on platforms where no endpoint detection can be deployed.

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SecureDetect Intelligence helps companies throughout Europe detect data loss, secure their online brand and reduce their attack surface.

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SecureDetect Endpoint supplements existing detection services based on log and network data with endpoint-based detection. This offers the best detection capability of the three, but it does require installation or an endpoint sensor.

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