SecureInsight services are developed to help assess your current security posture and provide you with actionable information about gaps, weaknesses and risks.

The derived action plans enable you to prioritize the improvements to your security posture to maximize the outcome of your investments into cyber security.

SecureInsight services are divided into three different categories:

  • SecureInsight Advisory
    • Advisory services that will help you with your overall cybersecurity strategy by assessing your current security maturity, developing security awareness programs and extending your abilities in threat detection.
  • SecureInsight Assess
    • “The internal insights”. Services that will help you assess/verify your current internal security status across both technology and people.
  • SecureInsight Intelligence
    • “The external insights”. Services that will look at what is happening outside of your organisation and visibility of intelligence and events that may have an impact on your company’s risk profile.
  • Provides an understanding on your security maturity across people, processes and technology.

  • Enables visibility into your biggest areas of risk, for example vulnerabilities, configurations or people.

  • Helps monitor your supply chain for potential risks.

  • Helps monitor new vulnerabilities, leaked credentials, DarkNet discussions about your company, etc.

  • Helps to manage threats to your Digital Infrastructure such as domain squatting, fake mobile apps / social media or phishing pages imitating your brand.

SecureInsight Services


Developed to help customers increase their security awareness and make sure that security investments are made where they make the most possible impact.

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SecureInsight Assess services are services that verify the security from a technical point of view.

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SecureInsight Intelligence services are cyber threat intelligence services that can provide you with operational, technical, tactical and strategic intelligence.

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