SecureInsight Advisory

SecureInsight Advisory services are developed to help customers increase their security awareness and make sure that security investments are made where they make the most possible impact. Below are examples of the type of advisory services that SecureLink can provide:

  • Security Maturity Assessment
    • Assess your current security posture and provide you with actionable information about gaps, weaknesses and risks; benchmarking you against industry peers or similar size organisations to assist in formulating a focused plan to increase cybersecurity maturity.
  • GDPR Readiness Assessment
    • Assess your readiness to meet the GDPR requirements and provide an action plan on a legal, organizational and IT security level.
  • Security Operations Workshops
    • Help increase threat detection by creating customer specific threat indicators for either existing SIEM deployments or for SecureLink Managed Security Services.
  • Security Awareness Training Program
    • Increase security awareness for your company by providing training programs that include both online training and onsite workshops.


  • Helps understand your current security maturity and create a prioritized roadmap for how to best invest your security budget across people, processes and technology.

  • Increases value and efficacy of existing deployed detection technologies.

  • Provides a security awareness program that reduces risk of breaches due to user activity.

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