SecureInsight Intelligence

To be able to make predictive investments into security, and not only reactive, customers need to understand what is happening outside of their company that may impact their risks profile.

SecureInsight Intelligence services are cyber threat intelligence services that can provide you with operational, technical, tactical and strategic intelligence that will help you to take actions to protect your business.

Examples of SecureInsight Intelligence services are:

  • Global Intelligence Feeds
    Technical threat intelligence for integration with detection and protection technologies
  • Global Threat Monitoring
    Vulnerability and Exploit intelligence about new threats tailored to your environment
  • Targeted Threat Intelligence
    Monitors a massive range of open and closed external sources (including Dark Web) for organisational threats, including supply chain, data leakage and industry specific threats
  • Digital Threat Management
    Monitors customers threats related to their digital footprint, including discovery, monitoring and enforcement across digital assets such as domain, web, mobile and social media.


  • Enable proactive security work to protect your assets including your people, your digital assets and your reputation.

  • Gain visibility of global threat intelligence, filtered down to provide business-specific context for your organisation.

  • Get visibility into potential threats or weaknesses in your supply chain, enabling more pro-active risk management.

  • Understand and protect your digital footprint.

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