SecureResponse Incident

IT incidents of any kind can be costly, with security incidents being especially pricy to clean up. While your IT team are trying to get vital business services back online. Securelink SecureRespond will utilize security knowledge, with hardware and technical experience too mitigating threats to your network, reputation and business.  A dedicated SecureRespond team will work with your IT team, to identify, eradicate, and remediate security incidences.

SecureLink SecureRespond Incident service has three different options

  • Retainer – Premium
    • Our Premium IR Retainer subscription service with SLA’s for rapid remote / onsite incident management.
  • Retainer – Standard
    • A remote only IR Retainer subscription service aimed at SMEs, to be the initial response with an SLA that will help you meet the GDPR Breach Notification requirement.
  • Emergency
    • The non-subscription service option for incident response.


  • Large pan-european team.

  • Responders with extensive experience of complex IR investigations.

  • Intelligence and resource sharing with SecureLink Cyber Defence Center.

  • Strong capability and tools focused on containment of breaches.

  • Industry standard qualifications including SANS certified responders.

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