When reducing the effect of an IT security incident, the response time between detection and response is crucial. Many companies do not have the infrastructure needed to respond quickly and safely. SecureRespond’s services make it possible to respond to malicious cyber attacks 24/7. Customers can supplement existing resources with superior competence to organize their business activities as safely as possible.

  • Available 24/7.

  • Fast isolation of threats to limit the effect of a vulnerability.

  • Experts in the field of reverse engineering can determine the behavior and effect of the malware.

  • Rapid Incident Response to better meet the GDPR reporting requirements for leaks.

  • Incident Response Retainer services to help eliminate and repair after a leak.

SecureRespond Services

SecureRespond Quarantine is an add-on for our SecureDetect services and offers the possibility to quarantine infected endpoints.

SecureRespond Malware is a malware analysis service that uses both static and dynamic analysis to determine what a threat might have caused if it had been run on your system.

SecureRespond Incident is a service where SecureLink uses all its security knowledge, hardware and technical experience to contain the threats to your network, reputation and company.

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